A small yellow bird finds a nice quiet spot to call his own… but not for long. His moment of peace is soon disturbed by a series of eager swamp animals. First a large heron drops in with a polite and slightly presumptuous “Pardon me.” Next comes a bullfrog followed by a tortoise, each offering a “pardon me” of their own. As space on the perch grows increasingly scarce so does the little bird’s patience, until finally a concerned fox floats over. This proves to be one “pardon me” too many. The infuriated feathered creature explodes in a rage sending all the unwanted guests heading for the hills.

At last balance has been restored. He once again has his quiet spot all to himself, or so he thinks.

Pardon Me! is my first adventure as an author/illustrator. It is a collaboration with the amazing team at Simon & Schuster.


"Miyares, in his first outing as both author and artist, follows in the footsteps of Jon Klassen . . . A winning, mischievous read-aloud."

- Publisher's Weekly

"A fabulous choice for storytime; pair it with Jon Klassen's I Want My Hat Back (Candlewick, 2011) for surefire laughs and cries to 'read it again, please.'"

- School Library Journal

"sumptuously illustrated"

- The Wall Street Journal

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